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It's all clean now clean the floor Cheeky monkey... finger your pussy Ask Angelica for this kind of things. From Dell Tech Chatbot Tries His Best – The Consumerist – Related web pages …Sep 3, 2007 – Some computer systems have been programmed to converse like humans You say or type something and the program known as a chatbot responds …TECHNOLOGY REQUIREDThere are 4 components of technology required that will enable these chatbots to function: So to determine the future of chatbots in 4 years we’ll need to project each of these technologies forwards and then glue the result back together to determine what the future chatbot would be.COMPONENT #1: INTERACTION MEDIUMSo (as of Fall 2016) new chat platforms are appearing almost daily - the My prediction is that they will follow a general technology lifecycle, first proliferating and then consolidating as adoption slows, then fragmenting as the platforms become more specialized.

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