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if you already know this stuff– plasmic (and you know who you are, i’m sure). i mean, we call stephen harper “the right honorable stephen harper”, for fucks sake.

the “bi” in “bisexual” doesn’t indicate that bisexuals are only attracted to people of 2 genders. however, if “i love people, not just girls and/or boys”** is part of how you discuss your pansexuality, i think that’s pretty reasonable (as in, not problematic). eta: i just wanna add that part of the problem with “i love people” is that it equates all love with sexual attraction. meaning, if you’re a woman and your way of expressing your femininity is to shave your head and go dirt biking– you are expressing your gender. you CAN be attracted to all body types equally, but you can also go ahead and have some physical preferences and still be pansexual.

The woman, who was treated in Meirut, looked female but had mostly male XX chromosomes.

She had never gone through puberty, had no ovaries and had never menstruated - but she did have an undeveloped womb'Our biggest challenge was how to administer this pregnancy for nine months in a body not designed for it,' said Dr Anshu Jindal, medical director at Jindal Hospital, where the babies were delivered, told the Times of India.

“The key is knowing how to successfully introduce your adopted pet into a budding relationship and to make your pet a priority in your dating life.” While this info is great and all, the really fun result of the survey is what the two companies are doing with the information.

If you’re single and ready to mingle with fellow pet lovers, you can attend one of the pet-friendly mixers being hosted by Pet Smart Charities and Match.com!

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