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The Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Ms. Albana Vokshi, a member of the opposition and head of the Labor, Social Affairs and Health Commission.To understand a little more about how Albania got to this point, I talked with Vincent who is responsible for the Council of Europe LGBT Project in Albania.For over 40 years, from November 1944 to April 1985, Enver Hoxha was the Communist leader of Albania and led a nation that was officially atheist.After Hoxha's death in 1985, and as the country started to reengage with the outside world and reform its internal structures, so too did the people of Albania begin to rediscover their religion.

What makes the story of female feticide so believable, and difficult to fix, one researcher says, is the culture’s strong preference for male heirs.Me: Can you tell me a little about how Albania got to this historic point?Vincent: Within the Balkan region, Albania is already quite exceptional because of the nearly total absence of religion from the public and political discourse.Under Albania’s 2002 reproductive health law, the use of prenatal screening technologies to provide for sex-selective abortions is not permitted and abortions after the first trimester are illegal.Voko said she would welcome measures to strengthen the enforcement of the law but added that authorities’ denials of the study’s findings won’t help the country change attitudes that make sex-selective abortion socially acceptable.

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And it is the leaders of the majority Muslim community and their counterparts in the Roman Catholic community who the BBC reports are most "vehement" in their opposition to the legislation, that has been formulated by Mr Berisha's ruling Democratic Party and will go before the country's parliament in the fall for their approval or otherwise.

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