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Our goal is to create a reference for all official material related to this ongoing series.Anyone can edit, so any help in doing so is greatly appreciated!Recalling a wide spectrum of thoughts and feelings, he examines his treatment of women and shares some of the lessons he’s learned.It’s like an excerpt of his personal journal, coupled with snippets of therapy sessions, translated into rap.

Uh, and when I think back in the days of course I woulda changed it Cos I'm lucky I ain't got a BM, like them other youtes that were dressed in the same shit Uh, and I swear if God gives me a bag of tops, what are they gonna say to my daughter? I mean cuz, see I was nuts, I was out here tryna buss nuts I'm thinking of meeting girls for the first time and they got with a man that be fucked It ain't about who you go bed with, it's who's there when you wake up But you ain't gotta take my advice my G, cos I'm just Cadet aka the Slut In “Slut Freestyle,” Cadet takes his listener on a journey through his various experiences with the opposite sex: flirting in his adolescence; being faced with deceit and desire as a young adult, as well as regrets in adulthood.

Bored with the presentation and of Michael, the warehouse staff depart, and Michael and Darryl exchange words, with Darryl calling Michael's life and job completely safe like "Nerf." Meanwhile, the entire office staff begins betting on various things, a trend started by Kevin, who is bored since March Madness has ended and he has nothing to bet on.

On one bet, Jim, Kevin, Karen and Oscar bet on how many jelly beans are in Pam's candy dish.

Durch den Bluescreen sieht es für die Kunden so aus, als säßen sie und ihre Kollegin in einem voll ausgestatteten Beratungszimmer.

Sie arbeiten für die Versandapotheke Doc Morris, die täglich bis zu 20.000 Pakete vom niederländischen Heerlen nach Deutschland schickt.

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