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You are almost certain your boyfriend has never had a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift. No one has written fan fiction about your boyfriend and then been in talks for a movie deal.

In fact, no one has written any fan fiction about your boyfriend.

For many, 2016 was a year of lost musical heroes and a toxic new world order. Styles' car stereo pumps a mix of country and obscure classic rock. "I wanted to write my stories, things that happened to me. I hadn't done that before." There isn't a yellow light he doesn't run as he speaks excitedly about the band he's put together under the tutelage of producer Jeff Bhasker (The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, "Uptown Funk").Delevingne has chosen to respond to the insults, rather than laugh about these tweens and their puny little lives while gazing deep into the eyes of her hot piece.But if you want to reinforce the fact that she's beautiful and Harry's beautiful and two extremely beautiful, incredibly talented people deserve each other, by all means, carry on: Let's not get off-topic, but did she use the word "love"? The boys should be weary of any and all distractions. We've known about the existence of certain girlfriends for some time, and Liam's continued coziness with his own special friend has even spawned engagement rumors, but Harry and Niall were our last hope.Like Liam's girlfriend Danielle Peaver, 20-year-old Delevingne has been on the receiving end of some not-so-nice Twitter mentions this week.

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