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At a moment when still the names for whom nominations are given is not is not definitely expressed, Oshadhi says that she is still in a quandary.

On being questioned by Gossip Lanka as to whether popular actress Oshadhi Hewamaddumage would be contesting for the forthcoming election,this is what she had to say: "I'm still undecided.

Purnika Subhani Peiris is the sister of famous actress Chathurika Pieris and she is still head to head with her sister’s fame.

she is looking way good as well she emerge mass talent on what she was doing we congratulate her for a will full career.

A problem has emerged in respect of the taboo made on the latest teledrama of Chamara Janaraj by the name of A330.

The basis for this was the portrayal of a uniform similar to the official uniform of the female staff of Sri Lankan Airways and A lot of talk can be heard these days about the political influx of artistes and various opinions are being expressed about this topic.

gossip 9 lanka news, sinhala hot gossip , sri lanka gossip E gossip news 9‎ Jul 2, 2013 - gossip 9, lanka truth, gossip 9 lanka, pitiduwe siridhamma, gossip 9 new,s gossip 9 nayana, kumari gossip 9, english, cricinfo, lanka e new,s ...Tele-actress Oshadhi Hewamaddumage's name too was spoken about an artiste who had received an invitation to contest the provincial council elections from the government Party.However, she was not among the artistes who were present at the place where nominations were handed.Of course these days the opinion of Higher-ups of the UNFA has by now decided not to give nominations to 2 actresses and a female vocalist for the forthcoming Western Province elections and they were artistes who were subjected to much controversy recently.Gayesha who had become a revolutionary character on the screen for having portrayed a sexual scene in the film ' Igilena maluwo'; Ruwanthi Mangala who for sometime had become a character for portraying attractive Ginger who hopes to get preference votes with the idea of becoming a provincial council member in Colombo district is a popular character on musical stages.

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