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That is the raison detre eukaryotic systems have designed to compact such long DNA in to compact threads called chromosomes.Chromosomal DNA is associated with histone and nonhistones proteins, where histones participate as structural components and provide strength and stability and protect DNA from shearing and breakage; nonhistones act as functional or regulatory components either in activation or repression of genes."Histone-depleted chromosomes (were studied) in the electron microscope.

Additionally, it will present examples of how probing secreted cell–cell signal networks in the tumor microenvironment (TME) with cytokine screens have contributed to our current understanding of these processes and discuss the implications of this understanding to antitumor therapies.

Nowadays, this type of cell death is better defined by macromolecular events.

In the two major apoptotic pathways known to date, that is, the 'mitochondria-dependent' pathway and the 'death receptor' pathway, activation of a family of ) typically regulate the release of cytochrome c and other apoptogenic factors; cytochrome c then interacts with Apaf-1 and procaspase 9 to form an 'apoptosome' capable of activating effector caspases such as caspase 3.

The Rho family of GTPases is a family of small (~21 k Da) signaling G proteins, and is a subfamily of the Ras superfamily.

The members of the Rho GTPase family have been shown to regulate many aspects of intracellular actin dynamics, and are found in all eukaryotic kingdoms, including yeasts and some plants.

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